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Oakgrove Integrated Primary & Nursery School, Limavady

School Community


The school community works with the children at the heart.  There are a number of different  groups that support the school:

  • The parents, families and friends of the school
  • N.I.C.I.E. (Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education)
  • F.T.I.E. (Foyle Trust for Integrated Education)
  • EA Western Region  (Education Authority Western Region)
  • D.E.N.I.  (Department of Education for Northern Ireland)

Some of these groups elect or appoint representatives onto the school’s Board of Governors

  • Parents elect four governors
  • D.E.N.I. appoint four governors
  • The staff appoint two governors
  • The Foyle Trust elect six governors (including two parents)


BOARD OF GOVERNORS - September 2022-23

  • Mr J Gray (Chairperson)
  • Mr T Webster (Secretary)
  • Mr C Hasson (Child Protection)
  • Mrs C Sargent (Teacher Governor)
  • Ms L Wilson (Teacher Governor)
  • Mrs S McDermott
  • Mr B Woods
  • Mr S Page
  • Mrs M Cowan
  • Mrs R Crawford
  • Mr A Reynolds
  • Mrs C Linstrom
  • Mrs K Laverty
  • Ms R Kazaca
  • Mr I Bennett
  • Mr A McElhinney


  1. PRINCIPAL Mrs A Donaghey



  • Mr T Keenan
  • Mrs C Sargent
  • Ms L McCorkell
  • Ms H Slattery
  • Mrs C Lally 
  • Ms S Bartlett
  • Mrs A Williamson
  • Miss C Carlin
  • Mrs J Young
  • Mrs L Veevers
  • Mrs A McMonagle      
  • Mrs E O’Hagan
  • Ms E Sweeney
  • Mrs L Wilson
  • Mrs C Laverty
  • Mr J McGurk
  • Ms E Barber
  • Mrs L Watson


  • Mrs M Whoriskey
  • Ms A Hassan
  • Mrs M Wray
  • Ms L Carey
  • Mrs N Rosborough
  • Ms L Concannon
  • Mrs M Long
  • Ms R Martin
  • Ms E Moran
  • Mrs M Morrow             
  • Ms A McCormick
  • Mrs R Shipley
  • Mrs C Ross
  • Mrs R Sherrard
  • Mrs J Heath
  • Mrs C McClean Gorman
  • Mr A Doney
  • Mrs L McMonagle
  • Ms T Taylor
  • Mrs L Kerr
  • Ms J Wray
  • Miss C LeMoignan
  •  Mrs L Duffy
  • Miss S McElhinney
  • Ms G Callen
  • Miss T Browne
  • Mrs W Hamilton
  • Ms E Sweeney

Office Staff 

  • Mrs C McGee  
  • Mrs S Barrett     


Caretaker/Cleaner Supervisor:   

  • Mr R Wray    


  • Mr A Doney 



  • Mrs M Bradley
  • Mrs P Rankin                          
  • Mrs S Maguire
  • Mr A Doney                 
  • Ms E Dabasi                



  • Ms H McArthur

Kitchen Assistants

  • Mrs L Craig     
  • Mrs R Carr      
  • L McKnight

School Meals Administrator:                          

  • Mrs S Barrett                                      


Senior Supervisor

Raymond Wray

Mid Day Supervisory Assistants:                                          

  • Mr A Doney
  • Mrs J Heath
  • Ms R Shipley  
  • Mrs L Stewart 
  • Mrs M Bradley
  • Ms E Dabasi
  • Mrs E Sweeney