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ICT Accrediation at Oakgrove

Interactive Levels

The Children in both Key Stage 1 & 2  participate in the The Primary ICT Accreditation Scheme.  It is a voluntary scheme for pupils . It will provide you with a framework to develop, enhance and assess your pupils’ ICT skills. At the end of each key stage, pupils will be able to be awarded with a certificate detailing their level of ICT competence. CCEA will then accredit your school for being able to effectively assess using the UICT Levels of Progression.  Click below for more information.

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ICT at Oakgrove

Information and Communications Technology, across the curriculum, has the potential to transform and enrich pupils’ learning experiences and environments. It can empower pupils, develop self-esteem and promote positive attitudes to learning. Additionally, the creative use of ICT has the potential to improve pupils’ thinking skills, providing them with opportunities to become independent, self-motivated and flexible learners.
Using ICT describes the ability to handle and communicate information, solve problems and pose questions through the use of information and communication technologies in a variety of contexts across the curriculum.  It includes collaboration within and beyond the classroom; allowing pupils the opportunities to share and exchange work; and exhibit and showcase their learning.

Across the curriculum, at a level appropriate to their ability, pupils should be enabled to develop skills to:


Pupils should be enabled to:

  • access, select, interpret and research information from safe and reliable sources;
  • investigate, make predictions and solve problems through interaction with digital tools.


Pupils should be enabled to:

  • create, develop, present and publish ideas and information responsibly using a range of digital media and manipulate a range of assets to produce multimedia products.


Pupils should be enabled to:

  • communicate safely and responsibly using a range of contemporary digital methods and tools, exchanging, sharing, collaborating and developing ideas digitally.


Pupils should be enabled to:

  • talk about, review and make improvements to work, reflecting on the process and outcome and consider the sources and resources used, including safety, reliability and acceptability.


Pupils should be enabled to:

  • manage and present their stored work and showcase their learning across the curriculum, using ICT safely and responsibly.

Programming and Coding




ICT News

24th Jun 2022
Primary 6A had a wonderful day recreating the famous moon landing as part of the Our Place in Space Project.  They worked...
22nd Jun 2022
Primary 4A spent the day animating the story of The Three Little Pigs.  It was part of their ICT and their topic/theme...
25th Feb 2022
As part of the NI Science Festival, Oakgrove had the opportunity to train with Manchester United Football Club.  We...
23rd Feb 2022
We are really focusing on coding at Oakgrove. Our teachers were supported with training from the Nerve Centre to look at...
11th Feb 2022
Quinn in Primary 4 really impressed all his friends by bringing in his 3D model that he printed at home.  He got the...

Using the SeeSaw App Letter for Parents/Carers

Coding Week 2021

Primary 1
The Iteration -
Get Loopy (P2
can do this
Primary 2
Lesson 1 Learn
to Drag and

Primary 3
Sequencing with
Primary 4
Angry Birds

Primary 5
Code your own
Sports Game
Primary 6

Primary 7
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Coding Week 2021

Primary 1 The Iteration - Getting Loopy

Primary 2 Lesson 1 Learn to Drag & Drop    and in class The Iteration - Getting Loopy

Primary 3 Lesson 2 Sequencing with Scrat   work through to Lesson 6    

Primary 4 Angry Birds Programming

Primary 5 Athletes

Primary 6 Flappy

Primary 7 PlayLab

Primary Partnership with the Nerve Centre

Nerve Centre Logo

Oakgrove IPSN have worked  with The Nerve Centre's Creative Learning Centre.  These year long programmes are called the Primary Partnership Programme and will support Oakgrove as we develop and embed our creative use of digital technologies.

Click here to see some of our work.

Internet Safety (Adult Supervision)

Tom Jackson Microsoft's Business and Programme Manager gave a talk to the children of Key Stage 2 about e-safety.  This was supported by Tim Cooke from the PSNI who gave a very informative talk to parents on e-safety last month.  Tim has been a regular visitor to the school giving talks to Primary 5, Primary 6 and Primary 7 and helping them to use the internet safely.  He is supporting us in making the children and parents aware of the dangers of the internet, how to stay safe there and what to do if we are unsure about something.  This talk was in advance of Internet Safety Day.

For further information on the topic for

5-7 year olds click here

8-10 year olds click here

CBBC Stay Safe

BBC Newsround "Caught in the Web" Key Stage 2 Film