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Oakgrove Integrated Primary & Nursery School, Limavady

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation at Oakgrove

Peer Mediation takes place when school children and young people are trained to help other young people sort out their own disagreements. These disputes can range from being unkind to disagreements in the playground. Pupils who are trained to use mediation skills are called Peer Mediators.  Peer Mediation can only be used between two disputants and can not be used to sort out bullying issues.  Bullying must be reported to a member of staff.


  •  Help children handle conflict.
  •  Help children to take more responsibility for their behaviour.
  •  Provide children with training to recognise the causes of conflict.


Everyone learns what Peer Mediation is about.  In our school it is taught through 9 sessions.  Each workshop has a clearly defined focus and objective.
During training:

Ground rules are established.  Everyone understands them and keeps them.

Our Ground Rules are:

  1. Volunteer Yourself Only
  2. No Put Downs
  3. You May Pass
  4. Look out for and Point out Good Things about Other People
  5. It’s OK to make Mistakes
  6. One Person Speaking at a Time
  7. Keep Good Secrets


  • We learn to mediate through role play.
  • Even the adults take part in the role plays.
  • We practise our skills that will help us become good mediators.
  • An important skill is to listen carefully.
  • We play lots of games which help us to become good communicators.
  • Everyone gets a turn to speak to the big group.
  • We work in small groups and then report back what we learnt.
  • We have FUN!



They help people sort out their problems.
They do this by:

  • Listening carefully to the problems and feelings of the disputants.
  • Retelling the problem to the disputants.
  • Letting both disputants talk separately
  • Filling out an agreement form.
  • Signing the aggreement form.
  • Ensuring that both disputants stick to their agreement by facilitating a follow up meeting. 

Everyone who completed the Peer Mediation training gets a certificate.  When we have finished our training, if we want, we fill out an application form for a Peer Mediators Job.  We are interviewed by a member of leadership team.  Mediators are selected and they are given a rota for their job.