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Oakgrove Integrated Primary & Nursery School, Limavady

Summer Message for Primary 4

Hello everyone in P4, 

We hope that you are all doing well.  We are sad to see our current Primary 4 move on to Primary 5, but we know that you are ready.  You are so lucky to be having Ms Barber and Mrs O'Hagan.

To our new Primary 4s, we warmly welcome you and are looking forward to an exciting year in our P4 classes

Take care and stay safe.

Ms Wilson, Miss Doherty & Ms Bartlett


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ICT Games




The Wildlife Trust Activities
Things to do at Home

Although we are inside we must keep our bodies moving. 

We have put up a few suggestions and some of our favourites.

Have a go and let us know how you get on. 

Joe Wicks
5 Minute Move | Kids
Joe Wicks
P.E. with Joe


Multiplication Tables (Adult Supervision)


A Message from Twinkl Resources @twinklresources   We’re supporting global schools who have been forced to close with a free month on our ultimate subscription. and the code is UKTWINKLHELPS.

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Start of Year P4 Maths Teaching Links

Chinese Dragon Game
Ordering and

Math Games
Grade 2


TopMarks: Bingo Addition
Units, Tens,

TopMarks: Blast Off
1-20, 10-100
TopMarks: Coconut Ordering
0-10, 0-1000

TopMarks: Guess the Number
1-10, 1-100

TopMarks: Helicopter Rescue
1-10, 1-100
TopMarks: Hit the Button
1-10, 1-100

TopMarks: Place Value Basketball
1-19, 1-99,
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Looking at P4


First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion

Key Stage 1 News

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National Poetry Day
National Poetry Day
1st Oct 2020
Today in Primary 4 we celebrated National Poetry Day.  We listened to poems, said poems and learnt new facts about poets. It was a fun day to celebrate. (Photo Credit: Newsround)


Storytime with David Walliams

Oliver Jeffers Stay at Home Storytime

Reading Eggs (use this site for the free resources available. There is a payable membership option but you do not have to register or subscribe)

P4 Learning from Home


P4 Page Videos

6th Apr 2020
30th Mar 2020
20th Mar 2020

Division Help

Calling all coders!

We know that we have got some great coders in Primary 4.

We have a challenge for you.  Below is a link to some Scratch Tutorials.  Just Click Tutorials to choose one.  They are very similar to the ones in school. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN IN, JOIN OR CREATE AN ACCOUNT TO USE THESE TUTORIALS.  You should not sign in, join or create an account.  Remember all our e-safety rules.  Stay safe.  Speak to a safe adult if you are unsure.  You could even teach them how to code!


Amelia Earhart Animation


We began the year by learning how to animate using iMotion.  We got our resources from Twinkl and we made an animation about our senses. 

Music from Audio Network (ANW1919_01_Chilli-Popcorn, ANW1901_01_High-Definition, ANW1888_03_Gentle-Rain, ANW1945_05_Dirtbox)

We will be making another animation at the end of the year where we make our own backgrounds and characters.