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Oakgrove Integrated Primary & Nursery School, Limavady

Welcome to P1

Welcome to Primary 1 from Ms Sargent and Mr Holly.  We are looking forward to a wonderful year.

Alpha Blocks
Literacy development

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A very warm welcome to Primary 1 from Ms Sargent & Mr Holly.

The Learning Environment

We provide a learning environment that is:

  • Safe
  • Welcoming
  • Nurturing
  • Stimulating
  • Child-centred

Foundation Stage is led by highly skilled, enthusiastic, friendly and caring staff.

Every child is important.  We will plan together to meet their unique learning styles while encouraging each child to develop intellectually, personally, physically, socially, emotionally and at their own pace.

We lay the foundations for successful Active Learning which is skills focused and age appropriate. This practical, hands-on approach enables each child to achieve their potential by encouraging them to:

  • experiment
  • create
  • explore
  • have fun
  • self manage
  • imagine
  • ask questions
  • investigate
  • evaluate
  • apply knowledge and skills to everyday life

Children learn best by:

  • Practically ‘doing’
  • Using their own curiosity
  • Learning through creative & challenging play
  • Reporting back
  • Using a wide range of resources
  • Developing relationships- children & adults
  • Always ‘Have a Go!’

(Adapted from ‘Understanding the Foundation Stage’ CCEA, 2006)

Learning Through Play:

  • Looking
  • Listening
  • Talking
  • Doing

Partnerships with Parents/Carers

We value parents/carers as the child’s first educator.

We encourage open and honest communication between pupils, parents and staff.

By listening, respecting, working and learning together, we look forward to making your child’s first school days happy and successful.

Parental Partnerships

  • Open Home School Links
  • Learning Packs
  • Learning at Home
  • Talking with your child
  • Communication

Timetable of Activities

June (Before P1)

  • DELTA Induction Day
  • Classroom Visit during June.


  • Getting To Know Your Child: Parent Teacher Meeting
  • Parent Social Session


  • Literacy & Numeracy Information Sessions


  • Christmas Play


  • Integrated Education Week: Parent Focus


  • Parent Teacher Meeting, Multicultural Night


  • P1 Parent Assembly, School Trip

Ten Top Tips for School

  1. Go to bed early on school nights. Children need to be asleep by 7.30/8.00pm to get their much needed 12hours sleep.
  2. Always eat a healthy breakfast- it will help you to concentrate, learn and play.
  3. Bring in 1 piece of fresh fruit for break each day. Place it in the class fruit bowl when you come into class. This will be cut up and shared among each table. This way everyone has a break to eat and children try a variety of fruit every day for break. (NB: Break is fresh fruit only- no other break allowed)
  4. All children are encouraged to drink lots of water every day throughout the day in class. Please do not send in any drinks, juices or bottles.
  5. Try a little bit of everything on your plate at lunch/tea time, if you don’t like something just leave it on the side of your plate.
  6. Aim to eat dinner together as a family when you can. This encourages table manners, healthy eating and gives everyone a chance to talk about their day. It supports the routines that children are learning in school.
  7. Talk to your child about school every day, listen to them and share how your day went too.
  8. Read our monthly newsletter and support the learning targets with home activities.
  9. Read to your child at least once a day.

Mothers' Day

P1A would like to share our wonderful Mother’s Day assembly videos. The children have worked so hard and we are a little sad that we won’t be able to do our Mother’s Day class assembly, but we are very excited to share our little videos. Mum’s ask your children to sing our songs: ‘I love you mummy’ (tune of You are my Sunshine) ‘MUMMY-O’ (BINGO was his name O) & ’We love Mummy’s’ (Frère Jacques) & Say our Mother’s Day poems –‘My Mum’ Remind the children the best way to show our mum we love them is to be good and kind! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day all our amazing mums! We love you too!

Music Credits: Nichole Norderman Slow Down & Harry Styles Golden


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