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Oakgrove Integrated Primary & Nursery School, Limavady

Welcome to P6

Welcome to Primary 6 from Mrs Williamson & Ms Bartlett. 

P6 is an important year for your learning. All of the subjects that you studied in P5 are covered in P6, but we go into more topic detail, especially in the subject areas of literacy and numeracy.

Primary 6 is also a very important year as it helps all pupils prepare for their final year in primary school.  

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Viking Saga Songs - BBC Musical Programme


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Tower Bridge
20th Mar 2020



In the theme ‘Raiders and Traders’ we look at the Vikings and investigate why they left their homelands and travelled to other parts of Europe. We see how they lived and establish why the Vikings were initially raiders, but after many years became traders.


Our second WAU topic is all about Building Bridges. We identify the six different types of bridge and complete various group work activities based on practical bridge making. We also use ICT to complete a small group project on bridges.

Through PDMU and Shared Education we learn how to build relationships with our classmates and other children in the wider community. 


During the third term we investigate world, national and local disasters. We categorise disasters as ‘human or man-made’. We attempt to identify why some of these disasters happen, and try to establish if any of these disasters could have been avoided. 

A major focus of the disasters topic is a full investigation into the history of the Titanic.


Looking at P6


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