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Oakgrove Integrated Primary & Nursery School, Limavady
P1 & P2 present 'A Wriggly Nativity' at 9.45 on Thursday 13th December. after the Board of Governors Annual General Meeting at 9.30am | SCHOOL CAROL SERVICE, Friday 14th December. All Saint's Church, Clooney.
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Kids' Corner

The Kids' Corner highlights some of our wonderful projects and activities.  It also gives links to help students.  CLick on the links below to visit the pages.

Oakgrove School Rules

Everyone at Oakgrove is expected to keep the school rules.

  • Have Fun!
  • Try my Best.
  • Be Kind.
  • Listen.
  • Keep Hands, Feet and object to myself.

When you keep them you will be rewarded.

If not, there are consquences.

All these are discussed in class.

Oakgrove's Rights Respecting School Charter

1. We have the right to have an opinion. (Article 1 & 2 UNCRC)

We have responsibility to:

  • To express our opinion in a respectful way.
  • Listen to others and respect their views.

2. We have the right to a good education. (Article 29 & 13 UNCRC)

We have the responsibility:

  • Make sure we do not prevent others from learning.
  • To work hard to gain a good education.
  • To follow the school rules.

3. We have the right to an organised, clean & safe environment. (Article 24 UNCRC)

We have the responsibility to:

  • Put equipment away.
  • Look after our own and others people’s property.
  • Respect our surrounding.
  • Put our litter in the bin.

4. We have the right to be safe & look after. (Article 36 UNCRC)

We have responsibility to:

  • Look out for others & help them if needed.
  • Respect other people and treat people how you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Behave and act sensibly in school.

5. We all have the right to be treated fairly and appropriately. (Article 3, 23 & 14 UNCRC)

We have the responsibility to:

  • Be kind and fair to others.
  • Treat people equally.

6. We all have the right to enjoy school. (Article 31 UNCRC)

We have the responsibility to:

  • Participate in school activities.
  • Use our talents in a positive way.
  • To encourage others to develop and use their talents.
  • Respect adults that are around to help us.

As well as having the UNCRC we all have the responsibility to respect our school agreement.