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Oakgrove Integrated Primary & Nursery School, Limavady

Transfer Information & Transfer Club


Some useful transfer test guidance and online support for any Primary 6 parents who would like to use it.


AQE Assessment ( EA maintained grammar schools e.g. Foyle College, Strabane Grammar,

Limavady Grammar)

GL Assessment (CCMS grammar schools e.g. Lumen Christie, Thornhill, St Columb’s College)

FREE Facebook Groups

•       ‘AQE & GL Support Group Northern Ireland’ (free resources and weekly video lessons by Mr Hayes, Portrush PS).

•       ‘Great Minds Tutors Bangor’ (free revision videos)

•       ‘Free AQE & GL revision Videos’ (links in with Great Minds Tutors)

•       ‘Transfer Practice Papers’ (free downloads to print out). This also has a payment option but you don’t have to subscribe or pay anything to use their free downloads samples.

Oakgrove IPSN

Oakgrove IPSN Transfer Club pupils

will automatically receive a transfer pack.

Email the P6 Teacher to request transfer packs if your child is not registered with our Transfer Club.

•       We have lots of transfer papers, revision and practice tests. These will be printed out and provided for any family that would like them to work on at home. 

•       We also recommend that once your child completes a paper, go over it, discuss any questions that they didn’t get. Then a month later, re-do the test again. You can use a paper more than once, it helps to see improvement and track learning.

Transfer Support with a fee.

You do not have to pay for transfer support. Oakgrove IPSN will provide revision and papers for pupils needing it. 

However, some families may want to access some paid transfer support, so we’ve put together some options that you might consider. Learning Together 11+ Publishers


These all seem to be under the same company. They are offering 9 months of transfer support for £10.00

(discounted rate due to Covid-19) and also have some FREE sample tests available for parents.

Website and also available on Facebook, charge a fee for test papers.

Website and also available on Facebook.

They charge a fee for online revision, practice tests and marking completed within the one site.